The best rejection ever


The worst rejection I ever had went something along the lines of this: “Sorry, I’m so sorry, you were really, really good but you’re unsuccessful today”, and the whole conversation lasted under one and a half minutes. After an enlightening job-hunting chat with a new colleague, I found that I wasn’t the only one that had been given that very same, very vague, very apologetic, no. How is one supposed to respond, apart from wallow that you are one step further back from being employed? I don’t know about you, but in most situations, I appreciate closure, feedback and constructive criticism. And in this situation, I really wanted something more. A message like that leaves me frustrated and confused… thank you for telling me that I didn’t get the job, even though I was really, really good. Guess I had to be really, really, really good? Cue my bed, chocolate and Netflix, remedies for the #worstdayever.

But the best rejection I ever had left me feeling positive, empowered and special, #bestdayever! I know, who would have thought rejection could feel so good? The phone called lasted about 15 minutes, and after the initial pleasantries, I was told I didn’t get the job. There was no mucking about. However, in the following minutes, my could-have-been-but-never-will-be employer explained to me what they liked about me, why I didn’t get the job, who did, and offered me some priceless feedback and general loveliness in (what would typically be) an unlovely time. All because I asked for a little feedback about my interview.

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The response, or lack thereof: PART 2


I previously wrote about the lack of response I received from prospective employers. Job applications where I would invest time, sweat and tears into selling my skills, personality and soul (ok, I never quite got that far). Anyway, long story short: I applied for so many jobs and I just never heard back from the majority of them.

But something surprising happened today. Way back when, on March 23rd to be exact, I applied for a job. I had that positive, warm-fuzzy feeling that I was the perfect candidate, and as I pushed that send button, I thought I was sealing the deal. Days then weeks passed as slowly as they could, and I went through the whole range of emotions when I realised I wasn’t hearing back. I moved from feeling upset, frustrated, confused, to just completely forgetting about it. And then today, I received an email regarding the role in my inbox, at 11.43am. A response, rejoice! But a response, a total of 82 days after sending in my application.

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The response, or lack thereof


As we know, job hunting is a hard task. Seek, Trademe, Indeed: they initially seem like lands of opportunities, but after some hearty hunting, they reveal themselves as barren wastelands. Well more specifically, barren wastelands to me. Being a graduate, although I’ve done two internships, I don’t even tick the 1-3 years experience box for the few “junior” roles (maybe I don’t understand the meaning of junior?) Reality check/confirming what I already knew but hoped wasn’t true: it’s just slim pickings for a newbie.

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