Hello, I’m Lennie. My current job title calls me a Marketing Manager, and my university degree calls me a proud graduate of a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Clothing & Textile Sciences and Marketing. I’ve also held a couple of titles such as intern, content creator, retail assistant, bacon-buttie maker, babysitter, curtain crafter and jack-of-all-mum’s-chores.

As a young girl, I could see a clear, and simple path ahead of me with set achievements: do well in school, go to university, get my degree, build a career and live out my ‘happily ever after’. I’m on track, but the journey so far has been boring, exciting, unexpected, predictable, the best, the worst: pretty much a series of conflicting and contradicting events and emotions that compound to life. Being humans, we know all too well that life is unexpected. We aren’t always sure of ourselves, what we’re doing or where we’re headed. But that’s the blessing and curse of the great game.

Like many of you out there, I’ve had a love of clothing and fashion since a very early age. When I got bored of my Barbie’s clothes, I’d find scraps of fabric and whip up some wrap dresses and voluminous skirts. When I got bored of my own wardrobe, I experimented with scissors and thread, learning to mend, upcycle and sew new garments. Since gaining a degree in Clothing and Textile Sciences, and better understanding how clothes, yet alone fabrics, yarns and fibres are made or sourced, I’ve gained a new appreciation of fashion. I’m building a conscious closet: one that is mindful of my budget, body and daily life, but also the environment and the ones that make the clothes I buy.

At Hello Lennie, you’ll find me sharing my experiences as I build my career and closet, whilst getting stuck into the roaring twenties. I’m navigating my way through young-professional life and forming a roadmap for others on a similar journey. Hello Lennie is about sharing stories, learnings, wins and losses, with a hope that you might take some advice, reassurance or something out of it. Only if you want to.

The aim is to start a conversation about beginning, developing and loving your career. It’s also about learning how to build a conscious closet. Join in!

– Lennie.

Contact me with any enquires: lennielaw@gmail.com, @lennie_law on Instagram and Twitter.
Please note: all content and images are my own work unless stated otherwise.

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