One year work anniversary

post photoshoot celebration

I celebrated my one year anniversary in the month of May, of being a full-time yo-pro. Congratulations to me, myself and I, and thank you to my family, friends and workplace for all your support. It’s been an enlightening, challenging ride with a few highs, lows and curveballs, but overall, I can happily say it’s been a very positive experience <cue award-show applause here>.

I’m a Marketing Manager for a tourism retail chain, and New Zealand made clothing brand. I was part lucky, and part active enough to find a job in my niche: clothing and textile science, and marketing. Every day, I get to use my university knowledge, which is pleasantly surprising and satisfying: #mydegreeisuseful! I switch from creative to analytical brain at least once an hour, and I number-crunch more than I thought I would, and could! The office is a hub of really patient people who love to share not only their experience, knowledge and wisdom, but their personalities, snacks, and bad jokes too.

Ticking off the #1year is an appropriate time to create a list of achievements and things I’m grateful for in my initial year of yo-pro life. As I move forward, I don’t want to forget what (big, or little) things I’ve done, and enjoyed. In no particular order:

Coordinating a 2 day photoshoot in Queenstown has to be a highlight! Maybe not a swag of long days and nights sorting out samples, outfits, models, looks, props, accessories, suitcases, steamers, runsheets… But this really challenged my patience, time-management and organisational skills. I increased my respect for people that do this on a regular basis (decisions are hard!), but also gained confidence in my ability to #getsh*tdone.


Coordinating a video shoot with 3 locations, 6 models and 3 outfit changes was a rewarding, fun project. It ran quite successfully, and also to storyboard and schedule! However there was one drama- let’s just say I truly learnt the importance of investing in a solid clothing rack the hard way. The one that I had was $11.99 from The Warehouse and it buckled, very early from the 6am start, under the pressure!


Earning a promotion was a real pride a joy. It included an increase in responsibilities, a change of job title, a work phone and a payrise! I started in the company as a Marketing and Product Coordinator, and in January 2016 I was promoted to Marketing Manager. This came as a surprise to me, but I feel very valued to have been recognised and rewarded for my contribution to the company.

The domestic travel has been such a bonus! I’ve been able to spend a few work trips in Queenstown, Rotorua and Wellington, and have few work days out in Waiheke. Travelling with your colleagues and spending time together off the clock is such a different experience to being in the office.


As well as being an employee, I became an employer. Turns out that a huge part of picking the right person is taking a leap of faith and going with your gut feeling… The star that I hired was my first applicant and first interviewee!

Another role that I hold at work is Absorbent Sponge, a glamorous title that I’ve given myself on the side. I do the little finishing touches like formatting and proofreading, and a bit of minute taking and sit-ins at meetings. As well as getting to dabble in all aspects of the business through these opportunities, I have the privilege of learning from people who are happy to share and teach. I’ve amazed myself with what I have picked up on across a range of topics, such as profit margins, budgets and targets, to printing materials and methods, buying products, branding products and managing people, workflow and projects. It’s n u t s, mindboggling and enriching.

I’m so pleased to be in the workforce, and my first year of work has been just as I had expected and wanted. Cheers to Year 1, and here’s to Year 2!


4 thoughts on “One year work anniversary

  1. So exciting to see recent grads having success! There’s so much negative media around that is not reassuring for someone like me graduating this year. Congrats on your first year 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! It is exciting and I think it’s all about perseverance too. We can defy the media!
      As grads and young professionals we have so much to offer so it’s great that we do have opportunities to grasp!
      Yay you must be really excited to finish but also a bit nervous? If you’re planning on working as soon as you graduate just start keeping an eye out and seeing what might be around that you like!

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