No longer new

rain-windowWhen I woke up this morning to the surprising sound of actual rain (the air con system of the office building next door makes a noise that sounds like bad weather), I came across a scary realisation. The year isn’t new anymore. In fact, as many of you may be aware, if you keep a diary or actually follow a calendar, it’s mid-April. And if you’re like me, you may have failed to register that fact because your diary ceased to open past February. We are over one third into 2016 and I don’t believe it.

I’ve been in denial of the year’s progression, but I really should have seen the signs. If we live in the same country (#votedbestcountryagainNZ), you might have added an extra layer or two to your body and bed (like me, last week). You may have picked up a sniffle, or a sore throat (like me, two weeks ago). If you’re in the city of Auckland, you can share in my misery that it’s been bucketing down today for about 80% of sunlight hours (if we could see the sun). Ding, ding, ding! It’s safe to say that summer has well and truly bowed out, and Autumn has come sweeping in, leaving a trail of rusty leaves to clog up our drains. I really should have noticed that the year was getting on.

Second scary realisation: if the year isn’t new anymore, then I’m not new anymore. The coming of mid-April actually marks one year of living in Auckland, and one year of being a full-time employee. Somewhere in the year I made the transition from freshly-employed graduate to yo-pro, and from working out the city to having local and favourite spots. I should no longer tell people I’ve “just” moved to Auckland, and have “just started working”, because I’d be lying.

But when things aren’t new anymore, the antonym suggests that things are old. However, I’m happy to report that the shine has not dulled from my job or my move to the big city. Life is still pretty sparkly when you can get a job well done from your boss, clink a glass on Friday night, swipe the card for a new dress and brunch with the girls at a trendy venue. Time is on my side as things are getting better with some age: I’m more settled in my environments, comfortable and confident in how I live and what I do for a living, and soon I’ll be looking for another challenge. Because we can’t get too comfy, can we?

I’m extremely disappointed that bad days won’t be made magically better because of sunshine, summer fruit and daylight savings.  I’m guttered that after ANZAC weekend, we’ll only have one more long weekend until 4 solid months of 5-day working weeks. I’m annoyed that I’ve only got about 6 more months to singalong to TayTay’s ’22’ and for it to be true. But on the bright side, I’m extremely excited that I can spend a day indoors being a blob and not feel guilty about it (winter is the valid excuse), I’ll have accumulated some annual leave (*cough* sick leave) to take a winter getaway, and by the time I turn 23, Taylor would have released a whole new album of catchy, relatable tunes (cuz she’s got my back, #squad).

Here are some #nofilter pics from sunnier days: goodbye, Summer 15/16.IMG_5005.JPGmount_maunganui.jpgIMG_4787.JPGferry_harbour.jpgIMG_4841.JPG


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