My (involuntary) unplugged week*

How long has it been since you unplugged yourself from the Internet? Can you imagine doing it? Unfortunately for me, my *five days of being unplugged was a complete surprise, but I handled it better than I thought I would. I just found other things to do, besides Facebook stalking, Insta-trawling and Netflix binging.


My internet stopped working on Wednesday night. It didn’t matter, because I had a friend up from Wellington, and we caught up over dinner and dessert on a balmy Auckland evening.


On Thursday night, with nothing much to entertain me, I did all my housekeeping. Whilst vacuuming, I found the book I checked out six weeks ago and hadn’t opened yet. I took the opportunity to finally get stuck in, and thought, “it’s just one night, Lennie!”. When I next checked the time, it was 2am and I knew the fast-approaching day at work would be a killer.


Friday night came round and I decided I couldn’t spend it alone with my Netflix and chill (even then, I was naively hopeful that the internet would have fixed itself). I made plans to hit up the Federal St Festival and eat the night away. When it started bucketing down (classic Auckland weather), my merry party stuck it out, donned the SkyCity ponchos being handed out (great reactive marketing), and bopped along to Tiki Taane, while taking shifts to dash out and get Andy’s classic cheeseburgers (which were delicious, btw). The only time the lack-of-internet got to me was when I wanted to ‘gram my Fed cheesecake- but with the amount of data that Instagram would have consumed and the limited megabytes I had left, I just had to settle and bank it for the #latergram.



It was only Saturday night when I felt alone, disconnected and frustrated. I felt the need to stream, scroll, share and consume content but only had 420mbs to work with. As I watched the sky darken, and the rain hit the window, I realised that there was one screen I hadn’t utilised… The television. Hello, Aladdin on TV2+1! Suddenly it was “a whole new world”, and I’m very grateful that my apartment has soundproof walls because I truly belted out that Disney treasure.


Sunday morning had me motivated and I blasted my NutriBullet, hit the gym and got my groceries. All I wanted as I organised my pantry was to blast “What Do You Mean” at the top of my lungs and not be “Sorry” about it, but hey, Apple Music wasn’t connected and that was the end of my #Belieber buzz. Not having Internet and the convenience that came with it was really starting to annoying me. As I sat, deflated, in my wifi-less apartment, the voice of an angel/Michael Bublé wishing me “a Merry little Christmas” creeped through the windows and infiltrated my dark place. I realised I couldn’t grovel and be a Grinch when a happy, over-the-top holiday procession was happening right outside my doorstep: The (Farmers) Christmas Parade. I waved to fairies, pirates, cheerleaders, and Santa Claus, but what really made my day was the giant, floating, festive Elmo. Just tickle me.


My Sunday night was saved, yet again, by my previously under-valued TV, and the room-reveal episode of The Block NZ. I was excited to go to work on Monday so I could check my piling notifications and delete those 235 emails. This unplugged weekend was also testing my self-restraint (from using all my data).

I type this with the reassurance from Flip that my Internet will be fixed by 7pm on Monday night. I’ll let you know when I post this whether or not I have to endure yet another day of getting out there and doing things, instead of being focused on a screen.

So my internet was indeed reconnected on Monday, but the following week has been so nicely busy, that I could have survived a few more wifi-less days! Excuse the one-week-later post.


14 thoughts on “My (involuntary) unplugged week*

  1. Well done you! I think I would truly self-combust now without the internet… last time we truly cut ourselves off was in Cuba for 17 days. It was so expensive and only dial up at best so there was really no point… and I guess because we were so busy lounging on the beaches or strolling the streets without a care in the world, we didn’t miss it at all!


    1. Thanks- I was feeling pretty good about it actually!! Woah that was a long time ago… Cool that you managed to still stay connected throughout your travels around the world! I miss your Taranaki St and Cuba apartments- and also the ease of Wellington!


  2. I read this earlier but didn’t have the time to comment. I’d like to say well done for being offline for a while and managing! I really need to do this as I’m always online. Not so much my laptop anymore since it’s broken but I can’t not be without my phone. I need an internet detox though and I’m hoping to have a few days off at Christmas since we’ll be going to the country side just off Rotorua with no wifi. Btw, your food photos on instagram are amazing. I need to try all those food places!

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    1. Thanks Angela! It’s surprisingly liberating- I didn’t think I was weighed down by my phone and computer but I realised how connected I really was :/ I think you’ll get a great detox when you head to Rotorua and enjoy some sulphur in the air haha!! And shucks girl 🙂 ps. are you blogging on your phone or?!


      1. I bet it is! Sometimes we just need a break from it and mine is seriously long overdue. I haven’t been back to Rotorua in ages so it will good to relax at my partner’s uncle’s house for a few days and be away from the city.
        I still blog on my laptop to edit photos and write blog posts but the rest is basically on my phone. I’m trying to schedule a lot too in case I need to give my laptop away to get fixed..


      2. Sounds like a nice break ahead- and well deserved I’m sure!!
        I see- I was thinking that you’re doing a good job with a smaller screen- I use my phone all the time but to write I definitely need something bigger. You’re doing so well with your content and posting 👍🏻

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  3. Oh I cannot deal without the internet…I had none for four days in Vietnam recently and the first 24 hours were certainly the worst! Eventually I relaxed and got on with life.


    1. It was awesome- not worrying about keeping up with social media, checking work emails etc and just being bombarded by info and content! Keep reminding yourself and take the time for old fashioned relaxing!


  4. This is sad but I can’t disconnect. Even when we travelled I did the $5 a day travel plan so I would have data. IT was only when we got to countries not on the plan (Croatia) where data was something ridiculous like $30 for 5mb that I had a forced break. I didn’t even use it much, I just liked knowing… I could. haha.

    We just had to upgrade our fibre to unlimited for the same reason, but there are four of us and many more devices. What kind of world?!?!

    On a side note, how good is Cafe Hanoi??? I feel like it sort of gets forgotten about but is one of the best of the bunch i reckon.


    1. Woah- you surely are dedicated to the connection! But when you’re travelling it’s good to know you can reach home if you need to as well. Totally know what you mean by knowing you can 😛
      Cafe Hanoi is fantastic! The food is fab and fresh, service is awesome. Such a great environment too.


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