The Yo-Pro Dream


Hello, I’m Lennie. A fresh graduate, I’m on the hunt for my first real job, in the real world. Yes, the type of job where I get paid a salary (hopefully) larger than my student loan, and in one (or both!) of my desired fields; marketing or clothing and textiles.

My final year at university was mostly spent conjuring up “The Yo-Pro Dream”, whilst literally freezing in an uninsulated flat colder than your fridge (arguably, freezer) and binging on chocolate. You could see how poor living conditions would inspire better ones. In this young professional’s dream life, or actually, my projected future, I would work 9-5 in a job that I loved, in a company that I connected with. I would be the new kid on the block making waves and making things happen for all my favourite brands, in aΒ marketing or PR firm (ahem, Showroom22 are you hiring?). Alternatively, I would be within a fashion brand, learning more about sourcing and production. After a hard, but inspiring day’s work, I would come home to a home-cooked meal and The Block most weeknights, and go out for Friday Night Drinks with my colleagues to celebrate our super-productive, successful week. My weekends would be spent with my gym-then-brunch buddies, exploring eateries and galleries in Auckland, or more wishfully, adding to my totally trendy, yet classic, yo-pro wardrobe. Ah, the possibilities.

The time has come for me to make this dream a reality, and contrary to what you may think from my big ideas, I know it’s going to be a tough task. So, as I navigate the sea of classifieds (overflowing with jobs in which I am under-qualified for or uninterested in) to search for that one job to kickstart my career, I will record my trials, errors andΒ successes. I know I’ll battle with writing cover letters, getting HR people to call me back, and the inner conflict of settling vs striving.

Here’s to 2015 and the beginning of not only my job hunt, but my career. I’m a newbie to this game and I know the players won’t be kind, but I’m here to stay and I’m out to win.


9 thoughts on “The Yo-Pro Dream

  1. Your writing is so fun and freakin amazing Lennie. I still feel like I have that yo-pro dream. I graduate with a sea of other weird-had-clad people in Dec of 2013. And last year was so intense / a roller coaster that I am glad is over. Its funny how things change bc last year all I wanted was a job. And this year all I want is to quit and skip around the world traveling. Its time to turn those dreams into reality isn’t it!


    1. Gee I’m a blogger fail haha- how did I not reply to your kind words? Thank you! Recently caught up with my high school friends and we are all in such different life stages now… I hope you are planning a trip away, and using that as motivation to get you through the working week! I’ve been working for just over a month now and after this long weekend I wish I was unemployed again haha!


  2. After last night’s #NZBloggers chat I decided to come check out your blog and of course I headed right to the beginning! Had to look up on Urban Dictionary what”yo-pro” meant though! Looking forward to reading more posts Lennie! :Dxo

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  3. this series is gonna be super helpful as i find myself in the same position you were in last year!!! i’m currently two weeks into the job hunting process and it’s been so difficult! eeep! glad you found something and thanks for sharing!!! xxx


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